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Seeking finance, or time for annual review? Use bank standard technology to get the Best Yes.

Best Yes is the fastest with the best terms at the best rate.

Know your risk.

Use bank standard risk models and measures to understand your default risk and how or if security impacts.

Negotiate better outcomes.

Be as informed as lenders about risk and reward. Assess if your lender, or lenders, are right for you.

Dynamic Optimization.

Market conditions, risk appetites, and valuations change. Annual review time is ideal to check if you are still getting the Best Yes.

Optimal recommendations

Our AI driven engine recommends the best lender or group of lenders for your funding needs, matching based on the advanced risk return metrics they use themselves.



You have a business or group of businesses

A business, which can include a group of businesses, comes to Lending Advisor.

Meet Lending Advisor

same technology used by leading banks…

We enable borrowers to use the tools big banks do when making credit decisions. Lending Advisor is a technology driven solution bringing the power of AI, big data and open banking to help borrowers get the Best Yes.



Welcome to Lending Advisor

Enter some data about your funding needs, and some information about your business.

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Lending Advisor then uses specialised Data Sources

Lending Advisor then uses Open Banking, AI, Credit Bureau and specialised Data Sources to enrich information



View the application

You can now see how a bank would view the application and understand the relationships between risk, collateral, pricing and terms



Best Lenders

Lending Advisor will give recommendations on one or more lenders that best suit your unique characteristics and enable you to authorise and track digital lending submissions.



Ongoing Optimisation

Markets are dynamic. Lending Advisor can help you manage the ongoing annual review and covenant compliance requirements to ensure you always get the Best Yes.

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For who?

Check out some use cases

  • Manufacturing company
  • Retail shop
  • Property Developer

Complex including working capital and equipment finance. Plus term lending for a related entity that owns the factory property.

How we Help:

Lending Advisor enables the full borrowing group to be understood, and enables multiple lenders to be identified, a traditional bank for the working capital, a captive finance lessor for the equipment and a specialist fund focussed on property lending only for the factory loan. Each lender was competitive for their particular segment, and an overall interest expense savings delivered to the group.

Using Lending Advisor enabled the group to apply to these multiple Lenders in a single, easy transaction using common application forms and structure terms and conditions to deliver the best cost of funds.


Family owned retailer, where the owners have a mortgage over their primary residence in their own name. In the business name there is a Term Loan for the property where the shop is located, and an overdraft for stock. The owners also guarantee the loans of the business, which were put in place five years ago.

How we Help:

Since the original lending was provided, the value of the two properties (owners house and the retail store) have both increased, and the loans themselves have reduced. Owners are keen to understand if they could separate their family home from supporting the business borrowings.

Using Lending Advisor, the impact on Pricing and terms by changing the collateral structure was able to be understood before approaching lenders. Borrowers discovered that there was sufficient Collateral to release the family home from the business borrowings, but that there would be an added interest expense to do that.


An entity established to purchase a piece of property and develop a number of townhouses on the site.

How we Help:

Lending Advisor has a Property Development specific capability that captures the data and cashflows a lender needs to make a credit decision. By structuring the data in a format that lenders look for, the Developer is able to identify the key risks that need to be mitigated and ensure they are properly structured.

Lending Advisor is able to optimise the structure of the transaction across mezzanine and senior lenders over the life of the development, and forward the application to the group of lenders that are interested in that specific development profile. Complementary terms and conditions are agreed, with the best weighted average cost of funds for the developer.


get your best yes. now.

Take control of your lending relationships by being better informed about your risk and return profile. The Lending Advisor platform has been built to bank standards across both operations and data security.

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